Best Podcast Listening Apps

You are probably using the Apple Podcasts application if you utilize an iPhone to listen to podcasts. Of course, that’s fine. However, there are a lot of other great options for podcast applications for both Android and iOS.

So, if you want to listen to the best health and fitness podcasts for women’s health, here are a couple of apps that you can use.

TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio is available on Android and iOS. It’s a unique application since they provide NHL, NFL, NBA, and MLB with their premium subscription service. You can use this app with Chromecast, Apple Watch, and CarPlay. You can also use it for free to listen to your preferred podcasts.


This app is concentrated on comedy. However, whatever your interests are, Laughable will take your podcast listening to the next level.

Aside from subscribing to podcasts, this application allows you to subscribe directly to tons of politicians, authors, musicians, athletes, actors, journalists, comedians, and other individuals worth hearing. It is extremely easy to look for your favorite host or guest and listen to their podcast.

In addition to that, they’ve got special data and features such as the Laughable Artist Graph.


The ability to search for episodes is one of the most helpful things with this app. You can listen to the news, find new podcasts, create playlists, and much more.

Stitcher is a free podcast application. However, they also provide a premium subscription service that will get rid of ads and allows you to listen to original shows.


This app is a podcast hosting company that also provides a podcast application. The app is very easy to use and simple to navigate. They’ve got a lot of 5-star reviews.

This application will also allow you to record and upload to Podbean hosting account if you want to make your own podcast on your smartphone. This makes it unique since you can both create and listen on this application.


Castbox is a fairly new application. However, they’ve got a couple of amazing reviews and excellent features. They’ve won a couple of “best of” awards from Apple and Google in the last couple of months.

Aside from being available on both Android and iOS, Castbox also offers CarPlay, Apple Watch, and Amazon Echo Skill support.

To exactly find what you’re looking for, you have to ensure you check out the in-audio search.

Pocket Casts

This is a great application for individuals who listen to a lot of various podcasts. It has an excellent user-interface, helpful filtering and search options, dark and light themes, and much more. A couple of their highlighted features include Apple Watch controls, Chapter navigation, Volume boost, Variable speed, and trim silence.

The Sync Option is another helpful feature that allows you to pick up where you left off on another device. For instance, if you were using your Smartphone and what to transfer to your laptop, you can still continue where you left off. This app also offers a paid subscription plan.