Talking About Your Home Design with the Experts

So, you have chosen to build your dream house, and you are ready to call a professional and talk about the style of your dream house. Discussing your preferences in a concise and clear way could help your designer know your desires and goals, whether they are an interior designer, landscape designer, architect, luxury custom home builders ST Catharines, or another design expert. With this, they could provide you the results you want.

So, what are a few of the ideal methods to generate an effective and successful design process meeting?

You’ll be better equipped to have those vital discussions with your design expert by assessing your dislikes and likes and gathering your inspiration. Here are several tips on how to really prepare yourself for the meeting about your home design:

Be Specific

In your “idea-book”, you should add a note beneath every photo. The note should explain in words exactly what the reason is why you included that space in your home design. You should include where else you may want to include that design, how you think it connects into the rest of the house you are thinking, and what you love about that design.

Be Picky

Enable yourself free rein to select as many pictures as you want whenever you first begin filling your idea-book with pictures. You should have fun while doing it. However, you will have to be picky whenever you are ready to go back in for a second look. Your target should be to narrow down every list to the top 5 or top 10 ideal examples.

Get Visual

Almost every designer will agree that their job is extremely visual. Because of that, the ideal approach to talk about your desires and ideas is through photos. You can cut out the pictures if you’re getting your inspiration from houses you’ve seen in magazines. You can also download the photos if you are getting them online.

All pieces of visual inspiration would help the professionals know what you think is your dream house and will accelerate the process and lead to great outcomes.

Make a Don’t Like and Like List

You are likely familiar with the advantages and disadvantages list. It is a usual feeling to want to list every single thing you like whenever it comes to designing your dream home. However, for the process with your designer, listing your “don’t like” is just as vital.

For instance, you might not like the idea of a water feature, but you might love the concept of a pool in your backyard. You can improve your satisfaction with every single thing from beginning to end if you have these preferences laid out.

If you let it become stressful, the design process can be stressful. Most people will be worried about not having the result the same as they imagined it. However, possibilities are the process will be more successful and satisfying for both your designer and you if you come prepared for the meeting and follow the tips above.

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